Sunday, December 15, 2013

Favorite Book Number Nine

Aztec by Gary Jennings (Link to Amazon Books)

 “Of all that I have possessed in my life, my memories are the only things remaining to me. Indeed, I believe that memories are the only real treasure any human can hope to hold always.”

I picked Aztec one day, having no idea what I was getting myself into. Incredibly, it was the title that appealed to me. Simple and intriguing, promising an adventure through an incredible time and place in human history.

What I got, was the most powerful, haunting and gut-wrenching fictional biography I have ever read. Aztec chronicles the life of Mixtli Dark Cloud, a man possessed by insatiable curiosity and ambition, during the horrific downfall and destruction of the Aztec Empire.

Epic in scope, covering nearly a century of adventure, discovery, heartache and tragedy, Aztec is an uncompromising, brutal and intense glimpse into a time when human life was worth very little.

A warning: Aztec is better suited to those with a very strong stomach.

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tjbmurph said...

Hmmmm, perhaps I should avoid this one...