Thursday, October 4, 2007

Irony, Thy Name Is Silence?

Oddly, the less frequently I post, the more visitors I get every week. I have no idea why. Also my page views have skyrocketed. The less I say, the more you read. Bizzarre.

I'm thinking with my new full-time job and my new hobby (see the post What I Really Want To Do Is Direct) I really should change this blog to a "once a week" footing. Daily is out of reach right now.

I'll try to post one humour story a week, most likely on Friday or early Monday morning. More videos will also be coming down the pipe, but they'll be a bonus on top of my weekly humour post.

So, here's what's new...


What I Really Want To Do Is Direct
This post will be of a video I shot today. I just got a lovely Panasonic GS80 Mini DV Camcorder and I thought that 'Frodo', my 10-year old english bull terrier would be the perfect first subject. (more...)

Btw, my posting was so erratic in August that I'm going to combine it with September for choosing the next "Post of the Month". It seems kind of silly to vote for "Post of the Month" when the month only has FIVE posts.

We Have a Winner!
"The Worst Smell Ever" has been voted, by you the readers, to be July's Post of the Month. Thanks to those who voted! (more...)

This Just In
"The Most Fascinating Thing I've Heard This Century"

Theoretical physicist and 2057 host Michio Kaku speculates on the future of civilization.

Quote - "The generation now alive, and our grandchildren, are the most important generations ever to walk the surface of the earth."(more...)

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Thanks! - T. D. Fuhringer