Monday, July 2, 2007

Vote For June's Post of the Month

I know June didn't have as many posts as May or April did, but with Blogger locking Popular Fiction and my crazy schedule, things just got out of hand. I know there aren't many to choose from but please, post a comment and vote for your favorite story. Here's the complete list for your convenience.

P.S. I promise there will be more posting in July. Back on Schedule!

If Animals Could Talk It Would Be Scary
The Time I Almost Died
The Time I Almost Got Run Over by a Bus
Frodo and the Old Nazi
Excuse Me Sir, There's a Tree in Your Car
Sorry Buddy
Sometimes the Funny Just Isn't There
Roast Beef Is Not For Puppies
Even The Dog Won't Eat It
CIBC Lost My Bank Account
Sales Clerks - Where Do They Get These Guys?

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Paule said...

I would like to vote for the "Almost got run over by a bus" story.

Ruby said...

I'm voting for the "Sorry Buddy" story. I can see your father doing that.

P said...

sales clerks!

again, because of the internet + sock comment.

Ruby said...

I'm repeating my bid - Sorry Buddy