Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What Are the Odds?

So I was out doing window cleaning for George today. One of the jobs was "Jean's Flower Shop", a lovely easy job. But when I got there they were already open (they'd been open since 7 am... eep!) and there were approximately one billion people looking for a parking spot. Why?

Free roses. By the dozen.

So it was a madhouse. I worked around the people waiting in line for their free flowers the best I could. When the job was done, I was glad to get out of there. Got mom some free Sunflowers though.

So I was trying to get away from the nightmare and ended up going down the side streets to avoid the traffic. I decided to take a random side street to get down to the main street I needed.

Here's where the title of today's post comes in.

What are the odds that a wheelchair accessible school bus would happen to be blocking the one side street I turned down. Or that someone immediately pulled up behind me so I couldn't back out. Or that they were loading the entire Teen Special Olympic Basketball Team onto the school bus. One wheelchair at a time. Slowly and carefully.

Did I mention S L O W L Y ?

So I listened to 14 songs, 113 commercials, and read my owners manual, twice. Then I got out of the car and started a pick up game of Euchre (on the hood of my car) with Jerry, Tim and Tina, fellow travellers also waiting for the school bus to turn off it's lights so we could move. By the time Tim had won all my lunch money, the bus was half loaded.

Seriously. My life is like one of those low budget European art films where a bunch of strangers end up stuck together for some ridiculously impossible reason and end up either killing each other and/or falling in love.

What are the odds?

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Ruby said...

Welcome back kiddo

p said...


why??? what was the occasion?

T. D. Fuhringer said...

No occasion P. Every year Jean's Flower shop holds a free flowers day. It draws approximately eight million people from all over the continent and then some. It's kind of cool.