Tuesday, September 11, 2007

At Least I Didn't Burn the Place Down

So I survived my first day as Day Manager of Gino's Pizza. The young lady I wrote about earlier now has a healthy new baby boy named Aidan. The other young lady who worked for us also now has a beautiful baby girl named Madeleine. So one of the reasons I got to be Day Manager is because we lost two employees to pregnancy. Yay Babies!

The other reason is because the owner wants to semi-retire. Yay semi-retirement!

As I write this my feet are throbbing. (My old position as driver involved a tremendous amount of sitting.) This new position requires that I be constantly on my feet pretty much the whole day. My poor feet asked my why I am doing this to them and I had to remind them that now, a single weeks' wages will pay off my entire MasterCard balance at once. Yay more pay!

It's going pretty well. I haven't burned the place down, yet. My mistakes have been recoverable. I'm learning all the duties (many of which can't be explained, every day at a pizza shop has very different needs). Outgoing school orders, incoming food shipments, drink shipments, cheques to be written, customers to be served, pizza to be made, toppings to be prepared, dough to be prepared... the list is endless.

Once I'm up to speed the owner will be heading off to Poland for several months, and I'll be alone during the first two-thirds of my shift each day. That will be sweet. It's lot's of work, but with no one around to mess things up on me or give me a hard time, the stress level is very low.

Anyway I'll keep you all posted and I'll try to get back to 'the funny' as soon as possible.

Right now my feet have stolen my sense of humour.

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-Wg said...

Yay feet!


Ruby said...

OK - so you've got a new job and nothing has burned down. What else is happening?

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new position... your video of frodo was great... this post is a "who Am I" a litle something about your childhood revealed... are you ready? Hope you find it humourous, we did.
We were all sitting around having tea and cookies after a family funeral , You were 5 years old ,and looking like a cutie in your suit and tie. Then you climbed up beside me on the sofa and whispered in my ear.."my grandmother looks like a whitch" I almost dropped my coffee, as I burst out laughing to hear a 5 years old perfectly describe his grandmother
i guess her chin gave her away.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your stories especially the family ones..