Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ginger Snaps

Holy cow, An actual post!

In the time since my last post, so much has happened. My uncle Albert Harris passed away from cancer. He was 59. My mother spent five weeks in the hospital with a kidney infection that led to septicemia. They're hopeful about her recovery. My boss who was supposed to leave for Poland, hasn't. She's got a lump in her throat which they'll be doing a biopsy on shortly.

Life has not gone according to plan.

In other news, soon after I shot my video of Frodo, I got some great footage of my friend's bulldog, Ginger. Well I've finally assembled it and am posting it here for your viewing pleasure.


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Ruby said...

I have no idea what crescenet said but my message is in the form of a question - Will we ever see a new post from you?

T. D. Fuhringer said...

Eventually, yes. :) Things are crazy at work right now, sorry.

Fish said...

You've been so quiet! Hope everything is good on the home front.

Ruby said...

I think I've been patient enough. Get back here and amuse me.

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