Friday, June 1, 2007

Vote For May's Post of the Month

It's June, so it's time to pick your favorite story from last month. Please post a comment stating which story you enjoyed the most. For your convenience, here's a list of all of May's stories.

I Thought I Had The Radiation Sickness
It's Not On My Resume But I Am a Skilled Pyromaniac
Nothings Wrong, I'm Just Watering The Patio
The Conclusion of the Fire Trilogy (For Now)
They Don't Call it the Chemistry "Final" For Nothing
If I Could Talk to the Animals
Electricity is Dangerous - Shocking Details Follow
Things That Go "Bonk, Smash, Ouch!" in the Night
The Top Five Fuhringer Family Fishing Trip Disasters
Everybody Wants to be Famous
Pillar of Fire - It Runs in the Family
Adventures in Cuba - The Bus Driver From Hell
I've Got a Rip in My Pants Again
That's Not How We Use Our Crayons
They Called Me "Ink Mouth"
Squirrels Aren't Stupid, They're Just Thrill Seekers
More Squirrel Madness - Indoor Rodent Sports
My Dad Could Mess Up 'Shake 'n Bake'
Barbecue Tips For the Insane
Communication - The Keep Two a Shabbly Family Live
Window Cleaning With George - Episode One
Window Cleaning Again, Now With More Golf
Golf - With My Mom
The Only Patch of Ice in the Entire Parking Lot
The Only Banana Peel in the Entire Valley
The Password is 'IMARETARD'
If the Animals Could Talk to Me

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Anonymous said...

My #1 favorite post in May:
The Top Five Fuhringer Fishing Trip Disasters, hands down.

My second-most favorite for May:
My Dad Could Mess Up Shake-N-Bake.

Ruby said...

My favorite as well is - The Top Five Fuhringer Fishing Trip Disasters, hands down. Followed by the only piece of ice.

P said...

I thought I had radiation sickness! I thought I had radiation sickness!

Mostly because of this line:

"'For a minute there I thought I had the radiation sickness, ha ha.'

She didn't laugh."

...that gets me everytime!

p.s. I wonder if you could install a "voting" app in your blog with little radio buttons. It may make vote tracking a bit easier and your audience could view the results in "real time".

T. D. Fuhringer said...

You have a good idea there about a voting app "P", I will look into it, thanks.