Thursday, May 31, 2007

If The Animals Could Talk to Me

In an earlier post I commented on how I normally get along with animals. There have been a few exceptions though.

Just before I worked at Compucentre I filled in for a friend who had a newspaper route. It was an easy route, just a few streets side by side. No problem.

On the route was one house with a high wooden fence and and unusually high door. I gave it almost no thought. I walked up to the house and put the newspaper in the mailbox. I was standing less than three feet from the fence when a deep, demonic voice from behind the fence said, "Roo."

After I climbed off the wall trellis I took a few steps away from the fence and decided to try being friendly. I said, "Hi doggie!" with my 'harmless' voice. The dog ignored my attempt at diplomacy and decided to investigate. It jumped up until its head was above the fence line, barked, then fell back down. I thought it was over, but no. The dog kept jumping. Over and over again. Jump - "Roo" - Fall, Jump - "Roo" - Fall, Jump - "Roo" - Fall.

I watched for a while, amused. Then it turned into something really bizarre. A second dog appeared and began doing the same thing, only it jumped as the first dog fell. It turned into a left, right, left, right, left, right, "Roo!", "Roo?", "Roo!", "Roo?".

A lady from across the street came out of her house, laughing. She told me the dogs did that all the time and entertained everyone on the block. I stood and watched a little while longer. It was amazing.

I asked, "Do they have a trampoline in there?" She said no, they're just huge and can jump really high.

I eventually met the family who lived there and was introduced to the dogs. They were a pair of very friendly doberman-rottweiler siblings. They were bigger than my car.

I'm glad they were friendly.
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P said...

wow, I want to see those dogs perform live! (from a safe distance)