Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Vote For April's Post of the Month

May is here and that means it's time to vote for your favorite post from April's lineup. Please leave a comment below about which story you would call 'Post of the Month'. For your convenience, here's a complete list of all the humour stories last month.

April 2007

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
Do You Have Poop in Your Bed?
When the Crazy Person on the Bus is You
Come On Baby, Do the Grandpa Shuffle
When Bad Things Happen to Good Toys
I'm Sorry, I Can't Understand You
The Beer Store. It's Where the Beers Are
When Your Client is a Crack-Smoking Retard
The Worst Client Ever
A Roll of the Dice
Golf - Jerry Lewis Style
It All Depends on How You Define Success
Timing is Everything
It's Hard to Believe We Survived Childhood
What Are You, Pregnant?
The Great Explosion of '82
Adventures in Cuba - When Water Skiing Kills
Indecent Exposure in the Hospital Cafeteria
Portrait of the Artist as a Baby
Adventures In Cuba - When in Doubt, Pee on Your Leg
I'm Turning Into My Father
Gino's Pizza - Where the Customer is Sometimes Wrong
Memories of the Emergency Room
Adventures In Cuba - People Are Funny When They're On Vacation
Adventures In Cuba - Mopeds Can't Climb Trees
Hungarian Humour - It's Not Funny Until Someone Dies
Hot Coffee at Twenty Below

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Paule said...

I vote for "When the crazy person on the bus is you"!

P said...

it's so hard to decide!
uhhhhmmmm....I vote for that story about the guy swimming with a cigarette in his mouth and harassing the bats. (from the chronicles of cuba)

Ruby said...

It's a toss up between

Gino's Pizza - Where the Customer is Sometimes Wrong
The Worst Client Ever

I've met these people and they make me want to lobby for retroactive abortion

Ruby said...

Do we win something if we pick your favorite post?

Wolfgang said...

I really enjoyed: When Bad Things Happen to Good Toys, but my vote is for: The Great Explosion of '82

Anonymous said...

the strong runner up has to be:
adventures in cuba-water skiing... mostly for the vivid memories it stirred of my own first excursion, um, however, not with the same dramatic, ah, ending....
my favorite is:
what's the coconut for steve?
thanks for the giggles!