Monday, April 23, 2007

Author Reviews Index

Looking for a new author to enjoy? Here is the complete list of my recommended authors and my reviews of their work. Author reviews are posted WEEKLY.

Stuart Woods - Why can I recommend Stuart Woods? His books are fast-paced and easy to read. His characters are likable and competent. His stories have just the right balance of suspense, drama, dialogue and humour.

Gregg Hurwitz - Why do I recommend Gregg Hurwitz? His novels are action-packed, emotionally engaging and riveting. His characters are rich and believable, and his plots don't insult the reader's intelligence. Gregg Hurwitz sets a new standard for suspense fiction.

Stan Pottinger - Why do I recommend Stan Pottinger? Simply put, his books are terrifying. Stan Pottinger knows how to shock, create dread, incite horror and twist the plot, all at the same time. His books aren't quite as pretzel-twisty as say, Harlan Coben (who I will review soon) but you will be surprised at the turns his stories take.

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