Monday, April 23, 2007

Blogs of Note

Looking for fresh and exciting new blogs to enjoy? Here is a list of my favorite blogs and why I enjoy reading them.

Dubious Quality - Bill Harris reports on the PC and Console games industry, posts links to very cool science and technology news, and tells terrific stories about his son, Eli 5.8 and his wife Gloria. Dubious Quality is informative and fun. It's my favorite overall blog.

Pork Tornado - Dusty Scott tells the most outrageous stories about his life. Dusty's stories never fail to be hilarious and are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. It's my favorite humour blog. My only wish is that he would post more often, but when he does post, it's comedy gold.

My Mother Has a Lit Blog
Mom's blog includes logs of her reading of fiction literature, mostly contemporary, and brief reviews and suggestions for good books. Her blog is spoiler free. You can check it out here: Posthumouse's Lit Blog

Other Blogs of Note:

The Bookworm Blogger
Curious Business
Twenty Sided - Home of the DM of the Rings Webcomic
Carrying Contraption - an entire blog about handbags... brilliant!
Chess Strategies 101 - great for chess noobs like myself
Rock Ocean
Sports Buzz
Hatchiko - Tech News Worthy!
What U Did Today
Scotty's Boutique
Pollution and Its Effect on the Environment
Prethi Kulkarni
sean's Xanga site
TV Shows from TV Addicts
Jerry Kobylt
Covers and Covers
Blogging From St. Louis
Rags To Race Cars
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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