Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stan Pottinger

Why do I recommend Stan Pottinger?

Simply put, his books are terrifying. Stan Pottinger knows how to shock, create dread, incite horror and twist the plot, all at the same time. His books aren't quite as pretzel-twisty as say, Harlan Coben (who I will review soon) but you will be surprised at the turns his stories take.

His first book,The Fourth Procedure was both frightening and genuinely disturbing.

From the jacket - "Combining the best elements of explosive courtroom drama and groundbreaking medical technology with controversial social issues, The Fourth Procedure explores fundamental questions of life and death. It takes the reader beyond the boundaries of today's medicine to an all-too-plausible scenario of a frightening future.The Fourth Procedure. The most terrifying legal-medical thriller. Ever."

They're not kidding. I have never read anything that deals with these subjects so thoroughly and in such terrifying ways before. The final chapters of The Fourth Procedure are utterly heartbreaking. There is a monologue in the book that is one of the most unbearable things I have ever read. No light fluff here, Stan kicks you in the teeth and then some.

After The Fourth Procedure, I figured his next book couldn't possibly live up to the same standard. I was wrong.

His next book, A Slow Burning is just as interesting, though quite different.

From Publishers Weekly - "Pottinger proves he is a master of the art of the medical thriller and a formidable voice in examining American race relations.... this kaleidoscopic thriller is marvelously complex, charged with emotional impact and resounding ethical questions."

His other books, The Final Procedure (also published as "The Last Nazi") and The Boss are also terrific .

Stan Pottinger gets my wholehearted recommendation.

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Ruby said...

I've been reading Fourth Procedure at your recommendation and because I love medical thrillers. I'm struggling with it and I'm up to page 133. Hope it gets exciting soon.

Steve said...

I've been reading a new medical thriller, LOCKED IN, a brand new
medical thriller. I'm not one to read much thriller fiction, but with the medical slant on malpractice issues I thought I would give it a go. Now I'm a fan of medical thrillers!

I got emotionally tied to the lead character and then thrown for a loop as he crossed over to the 'dark side.' I felt his pain of being trapped in circumstances that were both out of his control and created by his own actions.

Written by a new author, Dr. Michele Esposito, as his bio reads, "has spent ten years as a private practice radiologist in the Tampa Bay area, and uses his vast experience to give readers an insider's view of medicine and malpractice law." Make me wonder how close to truth this story really could be...and that's a sign of great fiction!

I went to his site to see if I could find out more about him. It's got a nice excerpt if you want to give it a read.