Friday, April 13, 2007

This Just In - Roller Coaster House Prices

Thank you readers and supporters! Yesterday "Popular Fiction" moved up into the top one million blogs as ranked by Technorati. I know it doesn't sound like much but for a blog that's only been around for ten days, it feels good to me.

Also I really appreciate your comments, thanks. Please keep them coming. I've also had some good constructive criticism from forum members at Octopus Overlords and Gaming Trend. I'll be sure to put your suggestions to good use!

Today's bit of fascination is relevant to The apparent slump in U.S. house prices, which is a bit of a shock considering the fact that January's slump was the first in over a decade. That being said, what I really want you to look at is this extremely cool video...

US home prices, adjusted for inflation, 1980 to 2007, plotted to a ROLLERCOASTER

You have to see it to believe it. Be sure to keep an eye on the bottom right which displays the years as the rollercoaster passes them. Utterly fascinating. You can get news about American Idol, Don Imus, and Windows Vista anywhere. Here, you great stuff like this that will never get old. Enjoy!
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Jonathan Brazil said...

Congrats on breaking into the top one million T.D. I know of blogs that have been around for much longer and still are nowhere near that - keep it going!

T. D. Fuhringer said...

Thank you Johnathan! I appreciate the encouragement.